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    15 November 19

    Learn More About PVST+Spanning-Tree Protocol in INE's New Course

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    The Rapid PVST+Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP) course, led by INE expert instructor Keith Bogart, will explain bridging loops and how RSTP can prevent them.

    If you have a layer-2 switched topology containing several switches with multiple, redundant have the possibility of bridging loops. Fortunately, virtually every switch on the market defaults to running the Spanning-Tree Protocol to remove those loops. Don't you want to know how this protocol actually works?

    This course will teach students the details of the RSTP, starting with an explanation about why bridging loops are bad. That's followed by a deep dive into the details about how RSTP prevents such loops. Students will also learn the Cisco IOS commands that enable users to control RSTP, even to the extent of performing per-VLAN load balancing.


    Use your All Access Pass to sign in today and learn how to stop bridging loops with RSTP




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