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    25 May 20

    Learn How to Implement an SD-Access Solution in INE's New Course

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    INE expert instructor Virgilio Vargas leads Implementing an SD-Access Solution, now available with the INE Networking Pass.

    Learn how the Cisco DNA Solution allows Network Administrators to discover existing devices in the network and perform LAN Automation.

    Cisco's ISE is a key element in the DNA Solution. Learn everything regarding the ISE Integration with DNA Center, including the different ISE roles and how they communicate with the DNA Solution. Find out the required steps to integrate ISE with DNA Center.

    Review how to design the Overlay and the Fabric Domain in DNA. Explore everything regarding IP-Based, SD-Access, and SD-WAN transit types and how to configure them. Once the Overlay Fabric is operational, learn how to connect it to External Networks using the different Border Node options.

    Learn how SD-Access implements macro- and micro-segmentation using Group-Based Access Control. Configure IP-Based Access Control policies and QoS policies. Finally, learn how to manage Host Onboarding by choosing the right authentication profiles and configuring port assignment.


    Use your INE Networking Pass to get started today



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