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    04 June 19

    Learn How DevOps Enhances Google Cloud Platform

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    Devops Course-1

    DevOps is where any application starts. In today's increasingly competitive world, we're asking for development to increase the quality of a product in less time.

    Now, it's a prized ability to be able to try things out quickly without incurring upfront costs or forcing delays, all while procuring hardware and integrating a new product into your on-premises environment. This seemingly impossible juggling act is key to being successful.

    Besides skills, specific tools and environments are also needed to navigate the ever changing performance bar. Multiple, disposable, and replicable environments, that are also accessible around the globe, are a must have for application lifecycle management. Configuration management tools that suit your environment, containers, and choice of development, as well as continuous integration tools, as just a few of the things modern developers expect to be at their disposal.

    Integrating DevOps with Google Cloud Platform bridges the gap between all of these needs. Google Cloud Platform provides a cost effective platform that addresses these requirements and more, for any development and test environment. Setting up a Continuous Integration pipeline is fast and efficient in Google Cloud Platform.

    This course, led by Joseph Holbrook, dives into the Google Cloud Platform tools available, such as Kubenetes Engines, Container Registry, Cloud Source Repository, and more. Students learn about GCP DevOps and CI Pipelines via a significant number of demos and whiteboards.

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