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    17 July 19

    Jump Into INE's New Course on CCIE Evolving Technologies

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    CCIE Evolving Technologies V2

    Rohit Pardasani prepares students for the new CCIE tracks with this course, covering topics from multiple blueprints.

    Cisco CCIE Evolving Technologies v1.1 is designed to cover the new topics classified as "evolving technologies" in the written blueprint on most of the new CCIE tracks. Because evolving technologies covers multiple topics, Rohit covers the topics from the viewpoint of all the blueprints, rather than a particular track.

    As an example, this course will not cover SDN as thoroughly as needed for the Data Center CCIE. However, it will be sufficient for Route Switch and Security. If your particular CCIE track covers these topics in greater depth, you will need additional training after completing this course.

    Touching on Cloud Computing, Network Programmability, IoT, and more, this course will fill in the gaps of your CCIE education.

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