INE's New Course on Secur ...
    07 November 19

    INE's New Course on Security Features is a Must

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    This vital Cybersecurity course, Switching Security Features, is led by INE expert instructor Keith Bogart and covers three forms of Network Security you need to know.

    In today's world of increasing network-based attacks, being familiar with multiple methods of security is a must for any network engineer. This course will teach students about three forms of Network Security that can be implemented on switches: Post Security, DHCP Snooping, and Dynamic ARP Inspection,

    Students will learn about what kinds of attacks these features were designed to thwart, and how to configure and monitor these features. Keith also shares a live demonstration in a Cisco late environment, showing these features in action. Lastly, students will be introduce to using AAA to protect the Management Plane of your switches and routers.


    Create a strong defense by learning from the best. Get started today with your All Access Pass.




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