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    01 April 22

    INE Launches Zero Day Energy Drink

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    (Cary, NC) INE is thrilled to announce the newest study tool for your training journey, Zero Day Energy! The sugar-free drink is packed with energy-inducing supplements that are guaranteed to help you crush even the most challenging labs and power through your training with crazy focus. 

    “In considering our next big product, we realized the best way for students to tackle our massive training library is simply to never sleep,” said Scott Cederbaum, INE’s Chief Marketing Officer. “INE offers so many courses, hands-on labs, and expert-level instruction. Learning all we have to offer would take years. Now, students have the option to stay awake for days, saving valuable time. Given my extensive experience in the energy drink industry, Zero Day Energy was a no-brainer.”

    “I loved the idea immediately,” said Richard McLain, INE’s CEO. “The carne asada flavor is a breath of fresh air, designed to bring a taco fiesta atmosphere to even the most difficult training material. We want students to have fun and stay engaged while taking their training to the next level, and Zero Day Energy is the perfect addition to INE’s current offerings.”

    Zero Day Energy will be available in 2024, due to current supply chain issues. In the meantime, check out our hype video:

    We are just kidding. 

    But we really are releasing something really big soon. 

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