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    29 April 21

    Help Your Team Excel with INE Business Plans

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    More than 65% of professionals in the tech industry think they can find a better position than the one they are in. As a result, good employees are leaving good companies and many employers are finding themselves with increasing hiring costs and decreasing morale.

    According to the Society for Human Resource Management, investing in your employees directly impacts productivity, employee morale, performance, and retention. The hurdle to overcome with implementing such a change is not all employees are the same, and not all organizations are the same. Coming up with a truly effective enterprise-wide strategy seems daunting, but INE has the solution.

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, education is the key for employees at all stages of their career and in today’s virtual business environment, an increasing number of corporations are making the transition to online learning. With a completely virtual and self-paced approach to professional learning and education, INE is equipped to meet the needs of those organizations as well as many of the largest and most respected companies around the world with our INE Business Plan.

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    Benefits of an INE Business Plan include:

    On-Demand and Self-Paced Training - With INE’s on-demand video library, students can choose the training they want with more than 18,000 videos to view any time, anywhere and learning paths to guide them on their journey.
    • Hands-On Learning - INE is proud to offer quizzes, programming exercises, leading Cyber Security virtual lab simulations and Data Science projects through GitHub to help reinforce student knowledge.
    • Flexible, Scalable Solution - Whether you have a team of 50 all in one office or a fully remote workforce of 5,000 employees scattered across the globe, INE’s online training can accommodate the needs of organizations of all sizes. An INE Enterprise Business Plan will even allow you to transfer licenses from one user to another as your needs and teams change.
    • Team Analytics - INE Business Plans feature valuable analytics including measurements of how your team is progressing as they complete their training and which courses or topics are most watched by your team.
    • Client Success Specialist - Every team will have their own Client Success Specialist who will assist with the onboarding process, advise you on how to track team performance, and regularly discuss your team’s goals to ensure your team’s success.

    Keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology industry can be difficult, but we are here to help.

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