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    16 October 20

    Grow Your Python Skills With Two New Courses

    Posted byDavid Mertz

    Data Science is one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry, with the number of open positions growing especially quickly for professionals proficient in Python.  Master the skills needed to meet the needs of these in-demand positions and get vital hands-on experience with two new courses from INE instructor and Data Science expert David Mertz. 

    Python Standard Library - This course will summarize the most widely used modules in the Python standard library and provide quick mention of the general purpose of less widely used modules. It will cover the OS tools: sys, os, pathlib, stat, shutil, tempfile; the file formats: csv, zlib, gzip, zipfile, pickle, sqlite3; the programming tools: itertools, functools, operators, collections, dataclass; and the tools for writing scripts: argparse, time, and secrets.

    Date and Time Management with Python - This course explains the datetime module, including datetimes, dates, times and timedeltas. It also explains timezones and the pytz module, as well as highlights some higher level libraries like dateutil, arrow, Maya, etc.

    In addition to on-demand video lessons, these courses offer both graded quizzes and hands-on exercises to test your skills after each lesson. 

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