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    20 July 20

    Free Data Science Course on Python and Pandas

    Posted byINE

    Free Course Blog Post

    Really. It's right here. An entire course. Reading Data with Python and Pandas. Completely free.

    We're kicking off Data Science Week by simply giving you exactly what you're looking for; a great Data Science course at the low, low price of $0.

    Data Science expert instructor Santiago Basulto leads this hands-on course designed to make critical fundamentals accessible to anyone at any stage of their career.

    Every data science project begins with importing data. In this course, you’ll learn the basics and beyond, starting with how data is imported using Python and Pandas.

    From there, you’ll focus on reading external data into Pandas data structures, using different methods. You’ll also be able to deal with data that contains wrong delimiters, encoding, or quote charts. Santiago covers all the steps, options, and issues you need to be aware of to successfully handle the data you’re working with.



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