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    25 March 19

    F5 Networks Announces Acquisition of NGINX

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    F5 and NGINX

    Good news for fans of F5 Networks, NGINX and F5 are Now Merging!

    Last week F5, the global leader in multi-cloud application services, announced it's acquisition of NGINX, an open source leader in application delivery. This acquisition will bridge NetOps and DevOps providing customers with more consistent application services across all environments, which is great for those who use F5 and NGINX services.

    According to F5's press release last week:

    "Together, F5 and NGINX will enable multi-cloud application services across all environments, providing the ease-of-use and flexibility developers require while also delivering the scale, security, reliability and enterprise readiness network operations teams demand."

    For those loyal to the NGINX brand, you have no need to worry! F5 also stated that they are committed to maintaining and investing in NGINX open source projects and user communities. Something that will surely be upheld by NGINX CEO, Gus Robertson and founders, Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov, who are joining F5 Networks and will continue to lead all NGINX projects.

    Interested in learning more? You can read the full press release from F5 Networks here and watch our most recent F5 Course in our All Access Pass.


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