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    08 January 21

    Dive Into Programming Fundamentals With Three New Courses

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    Ready to dive into programming fundamentals with INE instructors David Mertz and Kristin Day? Check out three new courses , part of INE's Data Science training. Each course includes in-depth instruction, graded quizzes and hands-on practice with GitHub projects to help you master the technologies. 

    Web Scraping using Python - In this course you will learn how to use beautiful soup to parse HTML documents, use Scrapy or Mechanize to scrape websites, learn what 'robots.txt' is, follow and analyze meta tags and consider legal implications.

    PostgreSQL for Python Developers - This course presents the PostgreSQL relational database system to Python developers. It will explain the Python DB-API for access to PostgreSQL databases, compare available drivers for PostgreSQL access in Python, explore the psql shell for direct interaction with PostgreSQL, examine data definition language for PostgreSQL and the data types available in PostgreSQL, and explain user functions in PL/Python.

    Feature Engineering - This course introduces Feature Engineering techniques where we will discuss how and when to apply them and the methodologies to preprocess and transform the dataset for optimal use in machine learning models. Feature Engineering is a crucial step into the data science workflow, so in this course you will get hands-on practice choosing features and preprocess them.

    Ready to get start your Data Science journey? Get instant access to over 100 hours on on-demand training, GitHub projects, graded quizzes and more with training from INE. 

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