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    22 April 20

    Dive Into Intent-Based Networking with INE's New Course

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    Introduction to Intent-Based Networking, led by INE expert instructor Virgilio Vargas, provides a strong foundation in network management.

    Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is the latest architectural revolution in the Networking industry, serving to cause a major shift in how Networks are managed. Instead of worrying about individual commands and configurations, Cisco DNA Center allows automatization, orchestration, and programmability.

    In this module, you will learn the importance of studying SD-Access and the impact this technology has on Network Engineers. IBN is more than Software Defined Networking (SDN). While SDN is an Orchestrator, IBN is oriented to automatization, translation, and implementation of network talent.

    You will also learn that SD-Access is the implementation of the Architecture of DNA in the Campus. Furthermore, the course explores the core components of the SD-Access solution; the Cisco DNA Center, the Identity Service Engine (ISE) and the Network Platform.

    Finally, you'll discover what SD-Access is, how it works, why you should move to it, and how ISE fits into the SD-Access Architecture.



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