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04 August 20

Three New Courses Added to INE's Data Science Path

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Data Science New Courses

INE has released three new Data Science courses, combining expert-level instruction with hands-on practice for real world problems: 

Data Cleaning With Pandas - Data is never perfect, which makes data cleaning fundamental for every Data Science project. Invalid values, odd types, outliers or statistically insignificant values will arise at some point. This course teaches the common issues found with messy data, and how to fix them with simple and clear techniques.

Intro to Databases with Python - This course covers the fundamentals of databases, including how to query your data using SQL as well as how to inserting, deleting, and updating. The course follows a Python-first approach, communicating with databases from your Python programs.

Intro to Scientific Computing with NumPy - NumPy was the library that started the Data Science / Python revolution. In this course, we'll explore the fundamental concepts NumPy introduced: low level bindings (C, Fortran), multidimensional arrays, vectorized operations and more. 

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