Discover the Art of SD-Ar ...
    14 April 20

    Discover the Art of SD-Architecture in INE's New Course

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    Programmability in SD-Architecture is now available from INE.

    Cisco's Intent-Based Networking offers more than just an orchestration of devices. Follow along with INE expert instructor Virgilio Vargas and learn how Cisco uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for Network Assurance.

    Discover the different Dashboards DNA Assurance has and how they are used to troubleshoot and monitor the Network. Learn about the different options DNA Assurance offers. Dive deep into the DNA Platform section and learn about the Intent API, the Integration API, Events and Notifications, and the Multivendor SDK.

    Learn how to make API Calls using Postman and how to authenticate and obtain an access token. Learn by doing using different Postman API call examples. Discover how to communicate with DNA using Python scripting and how to create basic scripts for communication. Finally, learn how to make API Calls to vManage, what parameters are required for API Calls, and how to authenticate to the SD-WAN solution.


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