Data Science Week Recap
27 July 20

Data Science Week Recap

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Thank you for celebrating our new Data Science Pass with us last week during INE's Data Science Week. Hopefully we’ve provided a better understanding of the content you can expect from our data science library.

If you missed any of the events last week or would like to relive the fun, you can find links to all of the events below.


Monday, July 20, 2020

We kicked off Data Science Week with Reading Data with Python and Pandas, a free introductory course to Data Science. Our expert instructor, Santiago Basulto, began the training by walking students through the process of importing data using Python and Pandas. From there, he explained how to read external data using Pandas data structures. If you want to continue with Santiago’s course, you will learn about all the steps, options, and issues you need to be aware of to successfully manage your dataset.

Sound interesting? Watch the course here:


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Baseball is one of the most interesting test cases for how data has changed an industry. In his The Data Revolution in Baseball blog post, Matt Kreisher dives deep into how data analytics play an important role in Major league Baseball. He uses the 2010 AL Cy Young Race as an example to show how sabermetrics changed the way we look at America’s pastime.

The Data Revolution in Baseball



Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Santiago Basulto was back on Wednesday to host our Machine Learning for Business Applications webinar. Santiago covered the most important concepts of applying Machine Learning to business applications. He used concrete examples to demonstrate how businesses and individuals can use classification to predict and prevent customer churn.

Watch the recorded webinar here:



Thursday, July 23, 2020

Biotech expert Adriana Patterson joined INE on Thursday for an introduction to Biopython as a tool for efficiently working with sequences and their related metadata. She used Jupyter notebooks to keep track of all the code, calculations, and visualizations for this topic.

Watch the recorded webinar here:


Friday, July 24, 2020

We concluded Data Science Week with a blog post by Matias Caputti titled Python Visualization Libraries You Should Know in 2020 and How To Use Them. In his post, Matias explored the strengths and weaknesses of the various libraries available for data visualization. Heads up - there are a lot!

Python Visualization Libraries You Should Know in 2020 and How To Use Them



Even though Data Science Week is over, we’ve only just begun the INE data science journey. We will continue adding new content to our Data Science Library every month. In fact, be on the lookout next week for 2 new Python courses! In the meantime, check out our full Data Science library here.

Start your journey today with a Data Science training from INE. Interested in learning more about our different subscription options?



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