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    24 April 23

    Coming This Summer: Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification

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    INE is excited to introduce the Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification coming this summer! The cybersecurity industry has a long list of certifications geared toward either red team and penetration testing or blue team and incident response. What’s missing are great certifications for entry-level defensive engineering geared toward individuals just starting out in the field. The eEDA certification was created exactly to meet that need. 

    “The eEDA aims to fill that gap, but not just by asking a series of questions,” said Defensive Engineering Instructor Brian Olliff. “This certification exam includes a hands-on lab portion where candidates must prove they understand the material and the proper steps to identify vulnerable systems, manage network and host-based firewalls, and properly maintain identity management systems.”

    You may be asking, is eEDA right for you? This certification is ideal for:

    • IT professionals beginning in defensive cybersecurity or security engineering 

    • Learners who have completed the eEDA Learning Path and want to demonstrate mastery

    • Cybersecurity teams interested in upskilling for blue team work   

    According to Olliff, the course material’s hands-on labs culminate with a simulated enterprise environment to help practice learned skills. The eEDA Learning Path is available now, so you can start today and be one of the first to take the certification exam when it is live. 

    The eEDA Learning Path and Certification covers:

    • Basic Defensive Engineering Strategies

    • Network Device and Server Hardening

    • Vulnerability Management

    • and Log Gathering and Analysis

    Want to stay up-to-date on eEDA access and other cybersecurity training and certifications? 

    Learn more here and then fill out the form for eEDA reminders!

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