Cloud Career Paths
    11 November 21

    Cloud Career Paths

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    What is the Cloud? We hear about it all the time and store the thousands of photos we take of our pets in the cloud, but what does a software storage system that we can’t even see have to do with Information Technology careers? 

    Like any software, someone has to create the infrastructure and manage the data. We’ll be bringing you career path blogs for all of our Information Technology focus areas. Our first look was in Networking, but today, we’re taking a deep dive into what Cloud career paths are available to you.

    What do Cloud careers entail?

    Cloud is typically thought of in terms of data storage, but it also provides on-demand computing power and capabilities, occasionally distributed over large areas and in multiple areas. The connections between servers and software databases are all centered around cloud-based systems.

    The role of cloud specialists includes infrastructure design, development, and implementation. Additionally, they have been known to manage cloud security and compliance. These professionals work in many systems, primarily in AWS, Google, and Azure, though there are overlapping fundamentals in certain areas.

    Cloud is crucial to business infrastructure, and it has been estimated that half of the world’s total data will be held in the cloud by 2025. As a rapidly developing area of expertise, and with enormous numbers, it’s more important than ever that people and businesses are equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate Cloud infrastructures.

    What are Cloud career options?

    Cloud systems have been continuously growing in popularity with the development of technology and business standards. From 2015 to 2019 alone, there was a 55% increase in cloud service jobs available. Now, there are thousands of job listings on ZipRecruiter for cloud positions, and all cloud careers offer lucrative salaries as well as opportunities for career development.

    Cloud Software Engineer

    This role is responsible for technical requirements related to cloud computing. These professionals design and plan cloud services, as well as provide support or maintenance.

    Cloud Architect

    Responsible for deploying and overseeing cloud computing strategies for an organization, cloud architects implement cloud adoption plans and application design. They also control cloud management and monitoring. There are often concerns with adopting cloud, so this role is important in addressing those risks and mitigating them.

    Cloud Administrator

    This role configures and monitors cloud management services by working with IT departments. Through this collaboration, cloud administrators develop and support Windows, Cloud, or Linux infrastructure while providing technical assistance for their cloud-based systems.

    Cloud Developer

    Also a DevOps position, cloud developers have a wide variety of skills and experience. This role involves working as a technician, architect, engineer, and analyst while also providing application development.

    How does INE help?

    INE provides hands-on labs and training material that allow you and your team to practice navigating incidents with AWS, Google, and Azure in a risk-free setting. Our in-depth solutions give you a chance to try out your Cloud skills before you need to execute in business critical scenarios.

    You can work through our Cloud Learning Paths in addition to virtual, interactive labs and quizzes. Learning Paths are designed to help you keep track of your course progress and see what is left to master. They cover various fundamentals of service and compliance for a variety of cloud providers. Regardless of the topics you choose to focus on, our experts have carefully designed the information to ensure clarity and an engaging experience.

    Our labs, quizzes, and instructor-led training videos have been designed with your success in mind and will help you master the keys to cloud application managementcloud infrastructures, as well as storage development techniques for a well-rounded training experience. 

    Learn more about INE Cloud training today!

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