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    26 February 21

    Close Out Cyber Security Week With Two New Courses

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    We're closing out Cyber Security Week with two new courses from INE instructor Piotr Kaluzny, now available with your INE subscription. These courses feature in-depth instruction, as well as regular quizzes to test comprehension. 

    Palo Alto Firewall Advanced Technologies - Securing an enterprise starts with a firewall. Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall is recognized as one of the industry's leading security systems that you can easily deploy and operate. This course aims to help you understand several Palo Alto Firewall technologies designed to either allow you to scale the deployment, or adjust it by enabling additional security features. This series will show you how to configure VPN access, how to use some advanced security technologies and how to control administrative access and routing.

    Cisco Firewall Technologies - Firewall systems have been used as a first line of defense in networking since 1980s. They carefully analyze traffic based on a pre-established set of security rules. They are used and programmed to filter traffic coming from unsecured or suspicious sources to prevent attacks. This course will explain a role of a firewall in a network and help you understand core firewall technologies used to detect, prevent and mitigate various attacks.

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