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    09 October 18

    Check Out the Newest Addition to Our Course Library: BIG-IP DNS Specialist

    Posted byTJ Vreugdenhil

    Tune into TJ Vreugdenhil's course: Exam 302: BIG-IP DNS Specialist and ace your F5 DNS Exam the first time!

    This video series is jam packed with real world BIG-IP DNS designs, issues, and latest BIG-IP DNS features. We will go over the BIG-IP DNS F5 blueprint in detail and follow all examples listed within it. This video series will be in four sections covering: Design and Architect, Implement, Test and Troubleshoot, and Operations and Support. We will cover this exam blueprint from A to Z as we talk in depth about all BIG-IP DNS features and designs, including DNS Express, Zone Runner, DNS64, DNSSEC, DNS Cache, DNS LB Methods, DNS Persistence, iQuery, F5 iApp Analytics, SNMP Polling, and more. This is content you won’t find anywhere else!

    This BIP-IP DNS Specialist course we will cover the Design, Architecture, Implementation, and Troubleshooting of BIG-IP DNS and will provide you with the advanced troubleshooting tools and industry knowledge needed to be a BIG-IP DNS expert.

    Why You Should Watch

    This course is designed to provide you with everything needed to pass the F5 DNS Exam - Whether that is explanations of various designs of F5 DNS, hands-on demos, or any other additional resources, this course has it all, making it the best place to start your training journey.

    Not only will this course help you earn your F5 DNS certification, boost your resume, and increase your earning potential, it will also help you take things to a higher level and provide real 'value' to any business you work for, or with. As customers are moving from on-premise solutions to hybrid cloud solutions, F5 DNS is vital to assuring availability needs for your application. Applications start with DNS, and DNS will always play a vital role in a network, regardless of which and what infrastructure is supporting the application, making knowledge of F5 DNS highly valuable. The goal throughout this course is to give you just that, value that you can bring to any organization you work with.

    Who Should Watch

    This course is specifically designed for Network Admins, Pre and Post-Sales Network Consultants, CIO, Network Solution Architects and Application Architects, but is also a great resource for anyone interested in learning about F5 DNS.

    What You'll Learn

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Location Based Routing
    • DDoS Protection
    • Monitoring and Automated Failover
    • DNS Firewall Services
    • Global Server Load Balancing
    • Superior DNS Performance
    • Advanced SNMP Polling/Traps
    • Analytics F5 iApp/Splunk
    • DNSSEC
    • F5 DNS Express
    • F5 DNS Zonerunner
    • F5 DNS Caching Solutions
    • F5 Load Balancing Methods
    • F5 DNS Persistence
    • F5 DNS64
    • F5 iQuery



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