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    20 May 19

    Check Out Keith Bogart's New Course on Content & Endpoint Security!

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    Intro to content and enpoint

    Email and web-based attacks are the most common points of entry for hackers in our current world of Information Security. Understanding the nature of these attacks is critical to existing and aspiring network engineers.

    This course will show you how such attacks happen and introduce you to products designed to mitigate those attacks, as covered within the implementing Cisco Network Security Exam (IINS 210-260). Keith Bogart leads the way, sharing the details surrounding mitigation technologies for email-based threats, such as SPAM filtering, anti-malware filtering, and DLP techniques, all implemented within Cisco's Email Security Appliance (ESA) Solution. Keith also discusses mitigation technologies for web-based threats, such as blacklisting, URL filtering, and malware scanning, as implemented by Cisco's Web Security Appliance (WSA).

    Keep your networks safe. Use your All Access Pass to join the ranks of those who are keeping threats at bay.




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