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    16 November 22

    AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Learning Path

    Posted byINE Team

    INE has just released a fully updated learning path for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification exam.

    Why does this matter? The AZ-900 is Microsoft’s entry-level cloud certification exam that is in high demand and is consistently recognised as a valuable certification.

    The exam requires an understanding of Azure that goes deeper than you might expect for an entry level exam. That is where this INE learning path comes in.  INE’s AZ-900 learning path has been helping learners achieve their certification goal for several years. We have updated the learning path multiple times to keep up with changes to the exam and changes in the Azure environment. Here are some of the highlights of the newly updated AZ-900 learning path:

    • All of the instructional content has been updated. Every video in the learning path is new.
    • There are 10 new labs in our hosted Azure lab environment. You do not need your own subscription to get hands-on experience with key Azure technologies. The exam is not a hands-on exam, but getting your hands on the Azure environment is a great way to reinforce what you are learning.
    • The learning path covers all of the learning objectives for the most recent version of the exam.

    As with all of our certification aligned content, this content is designed not only to help you prepare for the exam, but also to go beyond the exam and help you understand the concepts and technologies at a practical level. 

    Check out the new learning path here.

    If you're interested in understanding cloud computing in general, check out our INE - Cloud Foundations & Management (ICCA) learning path. It covers general cloud concepts and how they apply in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. You can even take our INE Certified Cloud Associate exam to verify your understanding of fundamental cloud concepts.

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