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    02 March 20

    3 Azure Introductory Courses Now Available

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    Introduction to Azure and Cloud Concepts, Introduction to Core Azure Services, and Introduction to Azure Security, Privacy, Compliance & Trust are all great places to start your Azure journey.

    Led by Microsoft Azure expert Tracy Wallace, these on-demand courses are intended for managers, directors, and IT professionals who need an overview of cloud computing (and the Microsoft Azure cloud), as well as an understanding of the resources available, and how information security concepts are implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud.


    Azure Cloud Concepts

    Introduction to Azure and Cloud Concepts

    This course focuses on understanding what cloud computing is, what options are available within cloud computing, and why organizations choose to move some or all of their IT workloads into Azure. Also covered are core cloud concepts, the Azure cloud, predicting and managing cloud resource costs, and Microsoft support for resources deployed into Azure.


    Core Azure Services

    Introduction to Core Azure Services

    This course focuses on Azure architectural components and resources available within Azure. Additional topics covered include the Azure resource architecture, core products available in Azure, core solutions available in Azure, and the tools available to manage Azure resources.



    Introduction to Azure Security, Privacy, Compliance & Trust

    This course focuses on understanding security, privacy, compliance, and trust in Azure. Other topics covered are Azure network security, Azure Identity Services, Azure security tools and features, Azure monitoring, reporting and privacy, compliance, and data protection standards in Azure.


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                       Azure and Cloud Concepts                                                Core Azure Services                                

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    Azure Security, Privacy, Compliance & Trust




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