We've Added a New Cisco C ...
    19 September 18

    We've Added a New Cisco CCNA Certification Course To Our Library!

    Posted byGabe Rivas

    Tune into Gabe Rivas's most recent course release, Network Foundation Protection: Management Plane, the second in a series of eight CCNA security courses.

    Network Foundation Protection is a security framework that provides with strategies to protect three functional areas of a device: Management Plane, Control Plane, and Data plane. In this Course we will focus on the management plane functionality and we will look at ways to protect and secure management access to network devices. We will compare the Pros and Cons of using an in-band vs an out-of-band management network and we will learn how to use network management protocols such as SNMP, NTP, SCP, RADIUS, TACACS+, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS to name a few. We will also learn the difference between the Cisco ACS and ISE servers and configure TACACS+ on ISE and an IOS device to provide with AAA for device administration. As a bonus, we will look at commonly used tools that can help you determine Cisco product vulnerabilities, best recommended software, and how to search bugs.


    If this was a single course covering the entire CCNA Security blueprint, the pre-requisite would have been the CCENT Certification or equivalent knowledge. Since this is just a subset of the CCNA Security blueprint, for this specific portion it is recommended that you start with the INE Security concepts course and have the following pre-requisites: Basic network fundamentals, basic knowledge of infrastructure devices, and basic knowledge of infrastructure services.

    Why You Should Watch

    This course covers topics for the CCNA Security certification, so if you are pursuing this certification you'll definitely want to watch this video. Regardless of certification achievement, this course will give you a lot of foundational network-infrastructure security knowledge, enough to become a hero at work! With the knowledge obtained from this course, you will be able to maximize device uptime and implement secure management solutions.

    Who Should Watch

    This course was designed for anyone interested in pursuing the CCNA Security Certification, or simply interested in gaining knowledge about network security in the management plane functionality of infrastructure devices.



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