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    20 August 18

    We've Added a New CCNA Security Course To Our Video Library

    Posted byGabe Rivas

    Security Concepts is an introductory security course, meant for those at the CCNA level. This 5 hour course is taught by Gabe Rivas and is a great prep course for those who are studying for the 210-260 IINS Exam.

    About the Course

    This course is the first of an 8 course CCNA Security Certification Curriculum.At INE, We believe that breaking the course up into smaller topics makes it easier to manage and digest your learning experience.

    In this introductory course, we will walk you through basic security concepts that are meant to build a solid network security foundation and help you dive into more practical and advanced topics. We will start by helping you understand the meaning of Asset, Vulnerability, Threat, Risk, and Countermeasure terms. Then we will break down the CIA triad and show how it helps organizations develop sound security policies. We will also cover monitoring tools that assist in detecting events in real-time as well as cover concepts about common security zones. As we move forward, we will cover social engineering topics, network attacks, different kinds of malware found in today’s networks, data loss, cryptography and hashing, and finally we will go over common network topologies seen in a LAN, CAN, WAN, DC, and SOHO.


    If this was a single course covering the entire CCNA Security blueprint, the pre-requisite would have been the CCENT certification or equivalent knowledge. Since this is just a subset of the CCNA Security blueprint, for this specific portion you only need to have basic network fundamentals knowledge and basic knowledge of infrastructure devices. There is nothing really complicated as a pre-requisite here.

    Why You Should Watch

    This course is great for anyone pursuing their CCNA Security certification. Regardless of certification achievement, some of the concepts covered in this course are useful to everyone that deals with computers and the more advanced concepts will be useful to anyone in the IT field, regardless of role (e.g. programmer, network designer, help desk technician). Security is not an aspect to take for granted and both, regular users and IT professionals, should have a bare minimum knowledge of common security practices.

    Who Should Watch

    Anyone interested in pursuing the CCNA Security certification or simply interested in gaining basic knowledge about network security.


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