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    22 January 18

    New Google Cloud Course: Data Storage

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    As promised, last week we added another Google Cloud Platform course to our collection. The fourth in this series of Google courses, Google Cloud Platform: Data Storage, can be found on our All Access Pass streaming site and


    Why You Should Take This Course:

    Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure.

    Whether you're a developer or architect, this course will help you understand the basic capabilities and advanced features of GCP Data Services.

    About the Course:

    This course covers Google Cloud Platform Data Storage and Database Services. More specifically, it covers the features and functions of Google Cloud Platform Data Storage Services so that you can understand the GCP options available.

    This course is taught by Joseph Holbrook and is 3 hours and 27 minutes long.

    What you'll Learn:

    Students will dive into Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, Bigtable and why Persistent Disks are important. As an addedd bonus, we will also look at Data Transfer services such as Cloud Storage Migrator Service.

    After taking this class students will understand what GCP Cloud Services can enable your organization around Data Storage and database services.

    About the Instructor:

    Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to several HPUX systems on board a US Navy flagship. He has migrated from UNIX world to Storage Area Networking(SAN) and then on to Enterprise Virtualization and Cloud Architecture. Joseph has worked for numerous companies such as HDS, 3PAR Data, Brocade, Dimension Data, EMC, Northrup Grumman, ViON,,, SAIC and Siemens Nixdorf. Joe currently works as a Subject Matter Expert specializing in Cloud/IT Security focused on Data Storage infrastructure services and Data migrations to the Cloud.

    Joseph holds Industry leading certifications from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Brocade, Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, VMWare, CompTIA, HP 3PAR ASE, Cloud Credential Council and other orgs. He is now working on the Google Cloud Platform for several organizations.

    Joe is married with children and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. In his free time, Joseph enjoys traveling to South America, spending time with his 5 year old daughter and learning about cryptocurrencies.  Joe is also an avid hockey fan and takes pleasure in skiing whenever he can get out of Florida.

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