CCIE SPv4 Rack Rentals No ...
    13 April 16

    CCIE SPv4 Rack Rentals Now Available

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Rack Rentals for INE's CCIE Service Provider v4 topology are now available at

    Both CCIE RSv5 Full Scale Labs and CCIE SPv4 now share the same topology in the scheduler, which consists of the following devices:

    • 20 x IOS XE virtual machine instances (R1 - R20)
    • 4 x IOS XRv virtual machine instances (R21 - R24)
    • 4 x Catalyst 3560 physical switches (SW1 - SW4)

    IOS XRv instances can be managed through the control panel similar to other devices in the topology, as seen below:

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