Update - CCIE RSv5 ATC Re ...
24 June 14

Update - CCIE RSv5 ATC Redistribution Class Tomorrow

Posted byBrian McGahan

Update: Redistribution case studies are now available in the workbook starting here.  More will be added to the list before class tomorrow.

If you're not already an All Access Pass member then you can sign up here for a free trial here.  AAP access includes not only access to the live RSv5 ATC class I'm currently running and the streaming playlist of the RSv5 ATC, but also include streaming access to our entire video library of literally thousands of hours of content - and growing.

The direct URL for live class tomorrow is Remember the big advantage of attending the class live is that you get to ask me questions in real-time.  I hope to see you there!



Tomorrow class session for CCIE RSv5 ATC has been rescheduled to Thursday June 26th at 08:00 PDT (15:00 UTC).  This class session is going to focus on redistribution case studies.  The reason for the off class day tomorrow is as follows.

I'm currently in the process of adding a new section the the CCIE RSv5 Workbook on Redistribution.  Tomorrow you will see the new section be posted here:

The class session on Thursday will be open to all attendees. I will be reviewing the case studies posted here and talking about what the problems are, and what their specific resolutions will be.  This means that if you want to follow along with the class live, you can use the diagrams and initial configs that will be posted to this new workbook session in order to do so.

I'll post another update tomorrow with the specific links to the redistribution labs and the links to the class on Thursday.

In the meantime new videos have been added to the RSv5 ATC playlist and can be found here.  I hope to see you in class on Thursday!





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