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    17 March 14

    CCIE Security v4 ATC Videos Now Available

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Videos for the CCIE Security v4 Advanced Technologies Class are now available in streaming format for AAP members and as a downloadable course.

    CCIE Security Version 4.0 adds new software version updates, as well as introduces new hardware platforms to the exam, such as ISE and WSA.  The hardware used in our new course is available through our CCIE Security Rack Rentals.  The playlist for the new CCIE SCv4 ATC is as follows.  A few minor topics are still in video post-processing and will be posted shortly.

    • Introduction
    • Recommended Study Resources
    • ASA Firewall Overview
    • ASA Basic Initialization
    • ASA IP Routing
    • ASA ACLs
    • ASA High Availability Overview
    • ASA Active/Standby Failover
    • ASA Multiple Context Mode Overview
    • ASA Multiple Context Mode Configuration
    • ASA Active/Active Failover
    • ASA Transparent Firewall
    • ASA Transparent Firewall & ARP Filtering
    • ASA Transparent Failover
    • ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Overview
    • ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF) Configuration
    • ASA Advanced TCP Inspection with MPF
    • ASA Advanced Application Inspection with MPF
    • ASA Quality of Service (QoS)
    • ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 1
    • ASA Network Address Translation (NAT) Part 2
    • ASA Redundant Interfaces
    • Standard, Extended, Time Based, & Dynamic ACLs
    • Reflexive ACLs
    • TCP Intercept
    • Content Based Access Control (CBAC)
    • CBAC High Availability
    • Zone Based Firewall (ZBPF) Overview
    • ZBPF Configuration
    • Port to Application Mapping (PAM)
    • ZBPF Parameter Tuning
    • ZBPF Application Inspection
    • IOS Transparent Firewall
    • ZBPF Transparent Firewall
    • IPsec VPN Overview
    • IOS LAN-to-LAN IPsec Configuration
    • IPsec Verification & Troubleshooting
    • ASA LAN-to-LAN IPsec Configuration
    • IOS & ASA PKI Overview
    • IPsec & PKI Certificates
    • GRE over IPsec Tunnels
    • IPSec Profiles & Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs)
    • Easy VPN Overview
    • IOS Easy VPN Server
    • IOS Easy VPN Client
    • IOS Easy VPN with Dynamic VTIs, ISAKMP Profiles
    • ASA Easy VPN Server
    • ASA Easy VPN Server & IOS Easy VPN Client
    • ASA Clientless & AnyConnect SSL VPN
    • DMVPN
    • IPS Overview, Promiscuous Mode & SPAN
    • IPS Promiscuous Mode & RSPAN
    • IPS Blocking Devices & Custom Signatures
    • IPS Inline Mode, VLAN Pairing
    • IPS Virtual Sensors and Signature Engines
    • WSA Overview & Initial Setup
    • WSA Management, Identities, & Access Policies
    • WSA HTTP Session Processing
    • WSA Transparent Mode & WCCP L2 Mode
    • WSA Transparent Mode & WCCP GRE Mode
    • WSA HTTPS Decryption Policies
    • AAA Overview, Local AAA, & Role Based CLI
    • IOS AAA with ACS
    • ASA AAA with ACS
    • ACS IOS Auth-Proxy Authentication
    • ACS IOS Auth-Proxy Authorization
    • ACS ASA Cut-Through Proxy
    • ISE Overview
    • 802.1x, MAB, & EAP Overview
    • ISE MAB Authentication
    • ISE 802.1x & MAB Authorization
    • ISE 802.1x Authentication
    • ISE MACsec
    • ISE Central Web Authentication
    • ISE Profiling

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