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19 April 13

INE's CCIE Data Center Rack Rentals Now Available

Posted byBrian McGahan

INE's CCIE Data Center Rack Rentals are now available for public beta testing.  During this beta testing period, racks are 100% free to book for CCIE DC Workbook customers.  Simply login to your account, click the Rack Rentals option on the left, and you will see the CCIE Data Center racks listed, as seen below:

Click on "Schedule/Cancel Session" and the calendar will appear as below:

Each rack rental session for DC includes a "base" topology, and then one or more possible add-ons.  In the scheduler you can check which, if any, add-ons you want, and it will then search the schedule to show you which time slots are currently available for that variation.  You can see these as the check boxes as the top of the scheduler above.  The possible variations are as follows:

During the public beta you will be limited to four concurrent bookings at a time.  After the beta period is finished the token cost for DC rack rentals will be 20 tokens for the base rack, and then 5 additional tokens for each add-on, making the maximum token cost 35 tokens per session.  

The goal of the public beta is to get feedback from the community on the usability of both our new content delivery system and the DC rack rental system.  Additionally we will be finalizing and fine-tuning some of the automation features for the racks and the control panel, such as config backup, restore, etc.  As the system approaches full launch I will be posting a video walkthough of the system and the new workbook content delivery system to talk about all the new features we have integrated into it.

As always, feedback is both welcomed and encouraged.  As you are going through labs in the workbook please use the "Feedback" button on the bottom of the page to submit questions, comments, etc. about that particular lab.  If your comments are more general feel free to post them here or to email me directly at

Happy Labbing!

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