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    21 October 12

    R&S CCIE Rack Rentals for Cisco 360 Topology

    Posted byINE

    I'm not sure if there is a market for them but would anyone be interested in renting racks that support the Cisco 360 topology? I use a slightly modified version of the Cisco 360 topology for my bootcamps so for weeks that I'm not running them I could open them up for rental.

    I modified R3 so that it can act as a Frame Relay switch for R1, R2 and R6 since the real CCIE lab doesn't have a dedicated Frame Relay switch anymore. All of the routers are ISRs and the switches are all 3560's. R1 and R2 are 1841's. R3, R4 and R5 are 2811's and R6 is a 3825. SW1, SW2, SW3 and SW4 are 3560's. Here is the physical topology:

    Let me know here if there is interest. The pricing would be the same as our standard R&S racks.

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