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17 June 12

Call Control Discovery via Service Advertisement Framework: Part 5 of 6

Posted byMark Snow

So let's continue our series on Call Control Discovery via Service Advertisement Framework. Today we'll look at the 5th video in that series (video #57) from our current 62-hour CCNP Voice v8 bootcamp.

  • CCD via SAF :: Overview (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing (1h 32m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover (29m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback (48m)
  • CCD via SAF :: CUCM to CME Call Routing (54m)
  • CCD via SAF :: Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions (21m)

Only one more video in this series (and it's a small but very cool one allowing inter-clister CAC), before we start a new long-running series focusing on all of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and advanced scripting.

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