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    13 June 12

    CCNP Only For Now It Seems: CCD via SAF - Part 4 of 6

    Posted byMark Snow

    Since it looks from here at Cisco Live like we won't be updating any CCIE Voice topics anytime soon (looks like roughly 12 months out - so rest easy and keep studying), then this post is most likely one that CCNP's will be focusing on for now - though CCIE's will still certainly benefit from this as well.

    Here we will continue our series on Call Control Discovery via Service Advertisement Framework. Today we'll look at the 4th video in that series (video #56) from our current 62-hour CCNP Voice v8 bootcamp.

    • CCD via SAF :: Overview (29m)
    • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing (1h 32m)
    • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover (29m)
    • CCD via SAF :: CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback (48m)
    • CCD via SAF :: CUCM to CME Call Routing (54m)
    • CCD via SAF :: Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions (21m)

    Once we finish this series (probably in the next week), I will be starting a brand new long-running series around all of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and advanced scripting. We'll start with the basics for every one to be able to follow along, but very quickly ramp up to the advanced scripting sessions, so stay tuned for that. It's something a lot of students I've run into here at Cisco Live asked for - and we love to listen to what you all want.

    By the way, should the lab be updated anytime sooner - you can already see from this post that INE is way ahead of the development curve for advanced UCM topics, including UCM v9 and TelePresence topics. We've got you covered with the normal extremely in-depth knowledge that you need - not just to "pass a lab", but rather to truly make you an Expert!

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