Congratulations to All of ...
09 December 11

Congratulations to All of You Hard Workers! It Paid Off!!

Posted byMark Snow

Here is a small sampling of those of you who have worked extremely hard and passed the CCIE Lab in the past couple of months, and written in to tell us how our products helped you succeed:

My journey to the magic number started 18 months ago. I used two
other vender products to study for my first attempt in December 2010,
which turned out to be a disaster. After taking a few weeks off from
my epic failure, I started my studying again, continuing to use the
other vender's products. No matter how much time I put in, I wasn't
learning the technology. In June I decided to switch to INE. I
scheduled the two week bootcamp for about 6 weeks before my lab
attempt. I then started using your workbooks and watching the ATC
VODS using the All-Access pass. Things finally started clicking.
The ATC VODS really explained the technology, Workbooks 1 and 2
allowed me to skip over the easy stuff and really focus on the harder
technologies, and Workbook 3 helped me build speed. Attending the
bootcamp solidified BGP and a few other technologies that I was
struggling with. Going into my second lab attempt on December 6th,
2011 I can't say I was 100% certain I was going to pass but I felt I
had a chance. I am happy to say, thanks to INE, and a lot of hours
of studying I finally achieved my CCIE R&S. CCIE# 32500 belongs to
me! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Paul Bard, CCIE#: 32500


I've past the CCIE SP new v3 exam on the second attempt. Between the
attempts I've attented the CCIE SP ATC from INE and it proved
especially useful for the CsC / Inter-AS part which are brilliantly
explained by Brian McGahan.
Overall it's a big plus for INE for continuing the development of
materials for the new CCIE SP track.

Kind regards,
Eduard Gheorghiu, CCIE#: 32095


I spent the greater portion of a 8 months moving toward this exam
and the last 4 months locked in my room when home. Using a
combination of the all access pass, rack rentals, and other cisco
curriculum studying for my R&S, I was able to pass on first attempt!
I owe a lot to the excellent quality of material offered here at INE
and in particular Brian McGahan's ability to actually keep me
interested in watching his videos. Thanks! If anyone is serious
enough to dedicate their selves to making CCIE a reality, i highly
recommend INE's products for the task!

-Josh Stout CCIE#: 32447


I wanted to pass along my sincere thank you for your excellent CCIE
products. I recently passed the Routing and Switching exam and
achieved my CCIE, 32385. I found workbooks 1-3 to be fantastic and
they were an instrumental part of my preparations. The fact they
were designed for GNS3 was a HUGE plus. I also used some rack time
and scheduled several mock labs which were excellent in determining
my readiness and also pointed out some of my weaknesses and what to
spend my study time on. I believe your products are some of the best
in the industry as are your blog posts and I wanted to commend you all
for your great work. I will recommend INE to all future candidates!

-Adam Jannetta CCIE#: 32385


Finally I got the magic number!!! I've embarked on the CCIE journey
after reading all the articles about achieving the top certificate in
the networking world.

I choose INE as my learning product because it is comprehensive and
the explanation is very detail. I particularly like Workbook I and
the Advance Technologies Video. With WB I, I can zoom into that
particular technologies that I am weak in and work on it till
perfection. As for the ATC video, it is very well taught and make the
concept easy to understand. Thanks INE, particularly the 2xBrians for
making such a great product...cheers. Choy. CCIE# 32275.

-Wai Yew Choy CCIE#: 32275


I have passed the CCIE R&S Lab and would like to thank the folks at INE.
I started with the 10-day COD and Vol1 & Vol2 workbooks and attended
the Mock lab workshop a week prior to my exam.
The Vol1 workbook scenarios were good and reflected all the sections
in the cisco's official blueprint. Mock lab workshop helped me to
develop my configuration speed, identify my weaknesses and build my
I would recommend INE to everybody who would like to achieve their
CCIE certification.

-Mahender Iytey CCIE#: 32310


I recently passed my R&S lab exam and secured the coveted number. My
CCIE number is 32325.
Behind this achievement, there are lots of people I have to thank
for. First and foremost, I believe in almighty and without his
blessings, this would not have been possible. My wife and son were
extremely supportive during this journey and I cannot repay back them
anyway. My manager was very encouraging and my co-workers always
providing tips.

The first few months of my preparation in 2010 went nowhere with me
studying pages after pages in many books. Then I bought INE product.
Your products are extremely structured and very modular. I wanted to
get a feel of the exam and attempted once in May after going through
just workbook-1. Once I had the feel, I flipped between workbook-1
and 2. I was faster this time in understanding the question and
configure/troubleshooting. Mock exams are very helpful and provide
you an idea where you stand in your preparation. Workbooks 3 and 4
provide a firm grip on the timing. VODs provide a quick access to
touch-base with the concepts in gist. Very helpful.

Overall INE is a complete package and am very thankful to the entire
staff for coming up with such a great product.

-Kiran Ramaswamy CCIE#: 32325


The training I received from the Internetwork Expert on demand
classes and workbooks was an integral part of my success in passing
the CCIE Routing and Switch lab exam. The in depth explanations in
the workbooks was very valuable in helping me to understand and
configure each technology. I also appreciated the fact that INE
supplied configurations for GNS3 and Dynamips allowing me to study
many of the technologies utilizing virtual equipment saving me money
and allowing me to study whenever was convenient for me.

-Curtis Brown CCIE#: 31760


INE WB 1-4 were an important part of my training process. Thanks.

-Daniel Gheorghe CCIE#: 31995


Hello INE,

I am delighted to inform you that I cleared my CCIE SPv3 exam on Nov
8th 2011. I really appreciate help of Brian Mcghan. The CCIE SP ATC
class was simply wonderful. Once I was able to remove all my doubts
in the online class which i was facing during my practice since 2010,
I practiced with INE ATC topology and Brian also gave me a chance to
do Beta testing on his rack for free, which was very helpful. I also
relied on Cisco's sample lab topology. I am really thankful to INE
for the help.

Thank you!
-Ramanpreet Singh CCIE#: 31549


I would like to thank INE for its amazing products that have helped
me to get my CCIE number on my first attempt on 8 November 2011. I
used CCIE R&S ATC v4.5 which is conducted by Brian McGahan, and I
would say it is the best in the market. Workbook Vol I and esp Vol II
helped me to prepare myself towards the full scale lab exam. Other
than that, INE's IEOC is the best community for preparing CCIE.

Thanks INE for its excellent support!

-Alexander Halim CCIE#: 31529


Thanks to INE, i passed my CCIE exam in September, 2011. on my second
attempt. I bought the full self-paced bundle which included Workbooks
Vol 1 - 4, and Adv tech videos, Adv troubleshooting, with R&S Lab
Meet-Up Series Class-on-Demand, R&S Lab Preparation Bootcamp
Video-on-Demand and R&S Open Lecture Series Class-on-Demand. And i
had hands on with the Rack rentals offered on the site.

The Support staff were really helpful. Keep it up guys, you really
making the world a better place in your own way.

-Sokabi Moses Sodipo CCIE#: 30059


Hello INE,

Thanks for the magnificent study material, blog's, vlectures, all.
The material I used really enabled me to dot the I and beyond! It
made the exam much more bearable.

Keep up the best work!

-Marcel Slagter CCIE#: 29677

Many, many congratulations to you all, and thanks for writing in! Your custom polo shirts are being processed!


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