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    02 December 11

    Layer 2 VPN for CCIE Voice Racks is Complete!

    Posted byMark Snow

    I mentioned a few weeks back in bullet #3 in my post titled "SO Many Voice Updates!" that we would be adding Layer 2 VPN support for our Voice racks. Well, our hardware is in place and tested (by us), and now it is ready to be tested by you!

    To start out, we are going to select a few beta customers to try out the service, and work out any kinks that may be there. I will work personally with all beta customers, and any issues will be resolved very quickly. I just want to make sure that we get everything documented properly.

    If you would like to be a beta tester of this L2VPN, please either note it below in the comments, or else ping me offline, and I will let you know if we still have openings and coordinate a time with you to setup and test everything.

    Please note that you must have a Cisco Catalyst 3550, 3560 or 3750 switch, along with the standard Cisco EzVPN router (could be as small as a 2611XM or 1841) in order to use this service. When you note it below or email me, be sure to include a "show ver" from both your router and your switch.

    Also, we are currently in the process of updating all of our Voice Racks to support the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice tracks. This is ahead of the new bootcamps that I will teach in January in Seattle, and also to which -if you act this week- you can get a substantial discount for the live class.

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