Congratulations Josiah, C ...
    22 October 11

    Congratulations Josiah, CCIE R&S# 31014!

    Posted byMark Snow

    On October 19, 2011 I finally passed my CCIE lab at RTP becoming CCIE
    #31014. I have taken the exam twice before this, both times coming
    extremely close but not quite making it. I started studying about a
    year ago using mainly INE products as well as reading blogs and group
    study. I went through Vol 1 to get started and then jumped right into
    Vol 2 where I spent the majority of my study time. I went through Vol
    2 probably close to 3 times over the year I spent studying. I would
    go through each lab carefully, referencing the DocCD and Vol 1 for
    any technologies I was unsure of. The one thing I neglected to spend
    a lot of time on was troubleshooting. I kept telling myself "I know
    the technologies so well I can figure out the troubleshooting section
    when I get there"...this is the wrong answer. Yes, I knew the
    technologies inside and out but the first two times I failed the exam
    was due to the fact that I did not have a solid troubleshooting
    strategy. For all the other candidates out there, make sure you
    practice troubleshooting, have a solid strategy, read the guidelines
    carefully and you will do fine. I want to thank everyone at INE,
    especially Petr who taught the bootcamp I attended in Tampa this past
    spring. The bootcamp, along with all the other INE products are
    top-notch and I wouldn't be where I'm at without them.

    Josiah Chonko
    CCIE# 31014

    Our sincere congratulations go out to Josiah on his excellent achievement! We will be shipping him a custom CCIE polo shirt today! Why don't you get started with our CCIE Routing and Switching products today?

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