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    13 September 11

    CCNP Voice Trivia Contest :: LDAP Custom Filters

    Posted byMark Snow

    Time for another INE Voice Trivia Contest. This week we will wait until Friday morning to choose a winner, giving you all a few days to come up with correct responses.

    Here is the problem that needs solving for this week's Voice Trivia Contest:

    Integration with an corporate LDAP has been properly setup and many users have been imported into the CUCM server, but now it has been requested that an LDAP Custom Filter be built in order to limit the imported users down to only a few.

    The base LDAP schema is that there is an OU called "island natural exports" in the domain of "".

    The only desired users to remain imported are:

    • A user with the last name of "Linus"


    • All users who are in the department of "executives" that also have a manager whose canonical name is "Hugo Reyes"

    So your task for this week's trivia contest is quite simply to post the proper RFC 4515 compliant LDAP custom filter query string in the comments section below.

    As always, the winner of this contest will have their choice of any one of these items:

    • $100USD Amazon Gift Card
    • $100USD in GradedLabs Tokens (which is 6.5 Voice rack sessions!)
    • $100USD worth of online store credit

    The rules for this contest are as follows:

    • You must answer all questions correctly - this means that the solution provided must fully meet the requirement (i.e. If something else breaks, such as normal dialing, or digit appearance is not as requested, as a result of your answer - it will not be counted as a correct answer)
    • You must submit your answers in the comments section of this post along with a valid email address to reach you for your prize (submissions emailed to INE will not be accepted)
    • If there are multiple, correct respondents, then we will place all of the correct respondents names into an online randomizer - the modern day 'hat' if you will
    • We will not allow any of the response comments to be posted here on this blog post (publicly) until the contest is over, so as not to give an unfair advantage to anyone

    I'll be watching the submissions over the next few days, and I will return on Friday to gather up the winners, choose a random name, and post all of the comments along with some of with my own replies and comments, and of course, the correct solution.

    Good Luck!

    We Have a Winner

    OK, so first off I should note that I probably should have been just a bit more specific than to say that I only wanted "the proper RFC 4515 compliant LDAP custom filter query string", and if I were to do it over I would change that to say something more like "a single LDAP custom filter query string that works to return actual results against a Microsoft Active Directory LDAP in the CUCM Custom Filter web page, and will also work if using the Microsoft 'Find Custom Search - Advanced tab' in any AD-attached PC where it says 'Enter LADP Query'".

    That being said - all of the solutions seem to be RFC 4515 compliant, and so I included them all in my online randomizer when picking the winner.

    So first off, we had some very detailed answers - I am impressed! They, of course, can be seen in the comments below. While I definitely agree that one could benefit by filtering out only the import of ObjectClass=user and possibly even UserAccountControl, CUCM will only import the ObjectClass of users anyhow, so we can omit that step when dealing with this in relation to the CUCM filter string. And Dave, while I was not more specific in saying that you couldn't create more LDAP Directory entries in CUCM and have multiple Filters (which is why I included you in the drawing), I want to point out that you can do the query in a single line.

    So here is my simplified (and working) official answer:

    (|(sn=linus)(&(department=executives)(manager=cn=Hugo Reyes,ou=executives,ou=island natural exports,dc=ine,dc=com)))

    See this screenshot below of the query returning results in the DC's "Find Custom Search --> Advanced --> LDAP Query" window:

    So after I entered all three names in my online randomizer, it told me that Kevin Dierckx is our winner! Kevin will be receiving his choice from the above prizes.

    Congratulations Kevin!

    I would like to point out that we never had a winner for a contest that I held for this contest: CCNP Voice Trivia Contest :: CCD Dynamic Routing of DNs, so I will be publishing it again in the not-too-distant future. So have a look at it now, and see what you might be able to see to have a leg-up on the competition. Heck, it could win you $100!

    BTW, as a bit of a spoiler for that, I cover exactly that scenario (along with many others) in the ~5 hours of videos that I recorded on that topic of SAF and Call Control Discovery, which can be found in these 6 videos:
    Call Control Discovery (CCD) via Service Advertisement Framework (SAF) Overview
    Call Control Discovery via SAF - CUCM Inter-Cluster Call Routing
    Call Control Discovery via SAF - CUCM Call Routing with PSTN Failover
    Call Control Discovery via SAF - CUCM Call Routing during SRST Fallback
    Call Control Discovery via SAF - CUCM to CME Call Routing
    Call Control Discovery via SAF - Inter-Cluster RSVP via SIP Preconditions

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