320 Unique Hours of Voice ...
19 August 11

320 Unique Hours of Voice Content Now Available in CDN Streaming and Downloadable Format

Posted byMark Snow

We are very excited to announce that with the recent move of all of our Voice Deep Dives, we have now nearly completed the migration of all of our 'Voice' video-based content over to our new CDN (Content Delivery Network) video playlist format, with support for both streaming and/or downloading from a global server nearest you. In fact, of the 320 hour of unique 'Voice' video content that I've created, 320 of those hours are now available in our new CDN format.

That's far more content than ALL of the other Voice vendors out there COMBINED have to offer!
And just take a look here on this blog at any of the comments to see what your peers think of this material.
It speaks for itself.

Did I mention that ALL of that content plays on your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices ... today?

Also, in case you happened to have missed it, I just released a detailed study plan to take a would-be Voice candidate "From CCNA Voice to CCIE Voice in One Year".

A list of what has been already migrated, along with links to each are just here:
CCNA Voice Course
CCNP Voice Course
CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class
CCIE Voice 5-Day Bootcamp
Deep Dive Module 1
Deep Dive Module 2
Deep Dive Module 3
Deep Dive Module 4
Deep Dive Module 5
Deep Dive Module 6
Deep Dive Module 7
Deep Dive Module 8
Deep Dive Module 9
Deep Dive Module 10
Deep Dive Module 11
Deep Dive Module 12
Deep Dive Module 13
Deep Dive Module 14
Deep Dive Module 15
Deep Dive Module 16
Deep Dive Module 17
Deep Dive Module 18
Deep Dive Module 19
Deep Dive Module 20
Deep Dive Module 21

If you have already purchased any one of these Deep Dives, then your Members account should already be updated with a drop-down at the top of your "Subscriptions" tab to the streaming content.

Finally, if you haven't yet purchased all of the Deep Dives or the CCNA or CCNP Voice courses, we dropped the price of each Voice Deep Dive module from $99 each down to $49 each. We also decided that if you are an All Access Pass subscriber, that you shouldn't pay full price if you just want to download a product, so we significantly dropped the download prices for all of our products for AAP members (e.g. If you are an AAP member, you could purchase the downloadable version of most any of our video playlists -- even off-topic ones -- for $150 off of that product's list price). With recent economic downturns, INE remains very much committed to getting the absolute highest quality training in your hands at a price you can feel good about spending. Since after all, you are investing seriously in yourself and your future, and we'd like to do all we can to help.

Happy Trails,

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