Congratulations to July's ...
    01 August 11

    Congratulations to July's IEOC iPad 2 Winners!

    Posted byINE

    I would like to personally reach out and say thank you to our top IEOC community members for answering questions, helping others and making it an all around great online Cisco certification support community. The awards for the top four most active July 2011 members are:

    Deepak Arora - Apple iPad 2 - 32GB
    DarrellEscolaApple iPad 2 - 16GB - Apple iPad 2 - 32GB
    welshydragonApple iPod Touch - 32GB - Apple iPad 2 - 32GB
    LeninApple iPod Touch - 16GB - Apple iPad 2 - 32GB

    In August we will be doing the same by giving away two more iPad 2s and two more iPod Touchs to the top four members.  Contribute to the IEOC community in August and be rewarded by INE.

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