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    12 July 11

    CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice Products Update

    Posted byMark Snow

    CCIE Voice

    We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of our 5 Day Live Instructor-Led CCIE Voice Bootcamp, which was held just two months back is now available for both streaming and download from our global CDN. The CCIE Voice 5 Day Bootcamp is one of the final steps in preparing to take your CCIE Voice Lab exam. In the videos, I describe the technologies you need to know for taking the CCIE Voice lab during live classroom technology lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Watch as I walk through lab-specific demonstrations and answers many student questions in a live classroom environment, finishing up with a lively 2 hour interactive lecture regarding the best strategies and tactics to take and pass the CCIE Voice practical lab exam.

    The CCIE Voice 5 Day Bootcamp consists of 24 videos totaling just over of 20 hours live lecture and demonstrations. As an All Access Pass subscriber you now already have access to this content with unlimited online streaming. You also may purchase it as a standalone product, and can download it now for just $299 (All Access Pass subscribers are given the option to download it for a small additional fee of only $149).

    CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice

    As of these past two Friday's, I've wrapped up recordings on our new CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice video-on-demand products, respectively. These videos are now in the hands of our full-time professional video production crew, who are working their magic on the files, and getting them rendered out to our three streaming resolutions of Low, High and HD, and uploaded to our CDN. Watch this blog for the announcement of exactly when these new products become active in your All Access Pass account, but we are expecting them to be ready in roughly 1 week and 2 weeks for the CCNA and CCNP Voice respectively. These two products comprise a total of over 160 hours of unique, best-in-the-industry content.

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