Congratulations Mutasem ( ...
    29 June 11

    Congratulations Mutasem (Monty) Bashkami, CCIE Voice# 26926!

    Posted byMark Snow

    Well well well, I guess its my turn to announcement that I PASSED my CCIE Voice Lab, yes it's late but I will never forget to write back to the people who helped me to the success. INE was the door that I knocked to guide me to the success and glory, and yes they did a great job. I passed my CCIE Voice lab and I got my number, feeling was very good. It took me only 24 hours to get my salary doubled! Yes I jumped to six digits salary in less than 24 hours of passing my CCIE Voice!

    I have to admit, Mark Snow's Voice ATC and Deep Dives are not only a MUST to pass the exam, but they are the way to make me a real expert out in the field. Believe it or not, I use his Deep Dives & ATC to help me at work when I deploy UC projects.

    A word for UC engineers: This training is a must if you wanna become a successful sharp engineer.

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank INE and all internal staff, the Brians and especial thanks to Mark Snow. INE says: “Experts at Make Me an Expert” that is True.

    No I am not going away! I just purchased the AAP, It is a must if you want to pass the CCIE Lab and to be a real expert in the field. I just moved my direction to the INE's R&S which is all covered by AAP.

    Enough for now, time to go to start watching Brian McGahan's ATC for R&S!

    Mutasem (Monty) Bashkami - CCIE Voice# 26926

    Our sincere congratulations go out to Monty, and we can't wait to help him attain his CCIE R&S as well!
    Monty also told us that his brother just passed the CCIE R&S using INE's materials, and is now on his way to studying for the CCIE Voice, and we can't wait to help him attain his goal as well.

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