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    27 May 11

    Routing and Switching Advanced Technologies Class Sneak Peek

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    Wow! I can't believe we're finally wrapping up this product release. It's the longest online class we've ever done at just over 80 hours and at the end of the day we ended up with over 8TB (that's 8000 gigabytes of video!) in raw format. We captured all of the video locally to the instructor in HD (720p). This allowed us to professionally edit all 150+ videos and make them available in various resolutions and formats. We are offering the videos in three 16:9 formats. The first is 640x320 and is designed for low bandwidth Internet connections and small portable devices. The second is 960x540 and is designed for standard Internet connections and tablet computers (iPad, etc). Lastly we offer a 1280x720 HD option for people with high bandwidth Internet connections and viewing on large screens (computer monitors, TVs, etc). All of the videos have a downloadable option for customers with access to them. If you're interested in the downloadable version of the class the low bandwidth format is roughly 80 to 100MB per hour of video. The high bandwidth format is roughly 250 to 500MB per hour of video and finally the HD format is 1GB to 1.4GB per hour of video.

    For our overseas customers we've purchased bandwidth and storage in datacenters located in Europe and Asia with our CDN to allow for faster streaming and downloads.

    We're starting to release more of the RS ATC videos by Wednesday with all of them being released by June 6th. Additionally all of the videos are being transcribed to allow for closed captioning and to allow searching within a particular video or all videos which enables us to link you to exactly what you are looking for. An audio version of the videos will also be available starting next week.

    The next product for CCIE Routing and Switching that we're releasing is the video from a live 12 Day Bootcamp taught by Petr and Brian McGahan. For CCIE Voice we're releasing a totally new ATC done by Mark that is over 60 hours of content in HD. The videos from the latest CCIE Voice 5 Day Bootcamp that was held here in Seattle will also be available next week. While we're on the topic of new videos we have a CCDE product being finalized for release, a new CCNA class coming out, more RS CCIE Deep Dives in the works and this is just what's being released in the next 6 weeks!

    The best news is that everyone with an All Access Pass subscription will have access to all of these new videos with their subscription. That's a lot of value for just $159 a month or $1599 for a year's access.

    Oh, I almost forgot to include the link to the ATC sneak peek of the first five modules: :

    **** UPDATE ****

    Here are the direct links to the audio versions of the sample.

    Using the Cisco Documentation
    Ethernet Overview, Layer 2 Switchports, Trunking, ISL, 802.1q, DTP
    VTP, VTP Authentication, VTP Pruning
    VTP Prune Eligible List, VTP Transparent, VTP Troubleshooting, Trunk Allowed List, Extended VLANs

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