Congratulations Muhammad ...
    01 May 11

    Congratulations Muhammad Atif Orakzai, CCIE Routing & Switching #28741!

    Posted byBrian McGahan

    Congratulations to Muhammad Atif Orakzai, who passed the CCIE R&S Lab Exam on his first attempt!  Here's what Muhammad had to say about his preparation:

    Dear INE

    First of of all I am thankful to God and than to INE that i was able to achieve CCIE in my "First Attempt ", which I seriously think not easy though but not impossible , but i did it.

    I am very very thankful to two Brians , i have no words for their tremendous  work , Once again thank you so much for your wonderful products , if any one wants to achieve CCIE and have no plans to touch INE i think that would be for sure a stupid idea .I was also tool hunter in the start like others but than i listened to one of the  lecture of Brian McGahan where he said whatever you have concentrate on that .But than i realized its better to have CCIE 2.0 Program, which i believe is the best investment some one can have .

    I used the following materials

    INE 2.0 program that includes all products for sure  :)

    INE blogs

    TCP volume 1 and 2 and other related books

    CCIE routing and switching  4.0 book

    Most of time i also used alot of online references if i would get stuck some where .................

    Open lecture series is the best of the best i have watched them many many times , honestly i know before what Brian will talk about lol, after watching it many many times for sure it will be running in your blood.

    I started My CCIE journey back in 2005 , At that time i had only dream that's i thought it will be just a  dream and i will never get it but if you work hard , for sure God will give you reward........

    I passed my CCIE on April 26 at San jose  and got my magic number with in 3 hours :)  it was my first attempt and i was able to get it. If thought i will fail lol but i got it and i had plans to reschedule for RTP since i live in North Carolina but i was not able to find seats so i had to fly to CA.Anyways long stressful journey is over.........

    I am thankful once again to my Family for their support and help and above all GOD's help because with out him Nothing is impossible ................................

    last but not least Nothing is impossible all you need to do is to set up your mind to get it and work hard for that, that is the only way to get any thing............. Like Scott Moris says " knowledge is power , power corrupts , study hard and be evil :).

    Thanks Every one

    Muhammad ATIF ORAKZAI



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