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    09 March 11

    VPN-Less Voice Rack Rental Access from INE

    Posted byMark Snow

    As continuing pioneers of so many firsts in the CCIE training space, we have noted before on this blog how we have been offering you for over 6 months now, the first and only 100% web-based remote control client that controls not only CUCM SIP & SCCP phones, but also that controls SRST & CME SIP & SCCP phones. And we give it to you at no additional cost to your rental - it's built-in to every rack for free (no need to install a messy Windows-only software client). And now, we are very excited to offer you another first - the ability to access and control everything in our Voice Racks, with no need for any VPN client.

    Simply use one of the following HTTP links below to access your Voice Rack (you must have a valid session during the time you try to authenticate):

    Please take a moment to watch this instructional video on how to use this VPN-Less connection to access and control your Voice Rack and IP phones.

    So to summarize:

    • No messing around with silly macros which don't apply in the CCIE Lab
    • Actual support for SRST (not only CME)
    • Who needs VPN?
    • A software client? Our lips shudder to even think it. No, we live in the real, web-based world
    • 7960's in our 3 Sites? What's the point?? They aren't usable when studying for the CCIE Lab - they're vastly different in every realm of configuration, which will only distract you from studying for the real exam - so why would we even consider including them? We don't, save for a PSTN phone, which just like in the real lab, you don't configure.

    And to top it all off, our Voice Racks cost 1/4 of any others.

    We look forward to continuing to being the first to bring you the best and brightest innovations that get you one step closer to both of our goals: You Passing Your CCIE Lab Exam.

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