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    31 January 11

    The INE Online Community Thanks - Dennis Day

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    Dennis caught our eye creating Visio versions of the best-selling Volume 1 workbook network topology for his fellow students in the IEOC. Thanks again Dennis and enjoy your $50 Gift Certificate for

    The files that Dennis created for his fellow students can be found by clicking here.

    Here is his story...

    In 1991, I began my official work life as a Customer Service Representative.  I repaired all manner of equipment for many well-known small to medium sized retail chains and large retail chains with names ending in "mart".  In 1996 I took a position with a small contracting company working at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  I worked as a Help desk Engineer for several years.  I became Microsoft MSCE certified in 1998.  In 1999 I took another position within my company still at NOAA for their Computer Incident Response Team.  I had several satisfying years in that position learning all about incident detection, response and remediation.

    I always eventually felt I would like to get Cisco certified.  In 2003, I was fortunate to take some time off to devote to making a career shift into the networking field.  I spent several months taking classes from another now defunct Cisco Authorized training Center.  I became CCNP Certified in 2004.  Fortune was with me again, as in 2004  was able to take a position back with the same small contracting company for a position back at NOAA.  It was an exciting position to re-design the primary network for the NWS Telecommunications Gateway.  I am still working their today support the network I helped design.  A large portion of weather data provided by the National Weather Service transits the very network I support.  It is a pleasure to know that the network I support helps save lives on a daily basis.

    I bought my Self-Paced R&S End-to-End CCIE Training Program back in 2006 from INE.  I was not able to devote the time I wanted to studying for the first few years.  My time was devoted to wife and our three new wonderful children. I even inadvertently let my CCNP certification expire.   I must have been deliriously tired from the kids not to get that done before it expired.   I got back to seriously studying for the CCIE in early 2010.  My company asked me to take a break recently from CCIE studies to re-certify CCNP.  How fortunate for all the Christmas deals from INE.  I passed my CCNA and CCNA Security in early January thanks to the most excellent boot camps by Brian along with the Official Exam Certification Guides.  I am finding the whole process to be easier than the first time in 2004 when I was pretty new to the whole thing.  I just reviewed the self-paced versions of the CCNP, IPV6 and BGP Bootcamps.  Along with the Route Official Certification Exam Guide, they were invaluable for my attempt at the 642-902 ROUTE Exam. I am happy to say that I  just passed it this very January 29th.  Only SWITCH and TSHOOT left for CCNP re-certification.  No sense wasting the invaluable time spent on the  BGP Bootcamp; I plan on going for the CCIP also before returning to my CCIE R&S studies.  When I finally return to the CCIE R&S studies, I will be going back to my schedule I laid out using Petr Lapukhov’s blog:  Getting the most out of CCIE R&S Workbooks VOL1 and VOL2 One word, AMAZING! It provided me a detailed map for my CCIE journey I was lacking.  All right, end of commercial.  The staff at INE are great.

    I enjoy trying to help out and to learn on IEOC when I have the time, between work and my wonderful family.  It is a great venue to interact and learn with knowledgeable and helpful individuals.  I hope to someday reach the Elite status of some more worthy unrecognized individuals.  I don’t know when I will reach my CCIE goal, but it is a rewarding journey.

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