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    20 July 10

    The INE Online Community Thanks – Ray Aragon (NET_OG)

    Posted byINE

    INE wants to thank IEOC member Ray Aragon (NET_OG) for his awesome contributions to our Cisco forums. Thanks so much Ray and enjoy 100 complimentary GradedLabs Rack Rental Tokens.

    Ray's IEOC Avatar!

    I am sure many of you would love to know more about Ray - here it is:

    Ray Aragon is an SE in the Networking World and after 10 Plus years working with State/Local government and Major Carriers around the world he decided to get his CCIE using INE products as his primary study aide. Here were some facts Ray shared with me:

    • I think I try to be helpful to others, and identify “pitfalls” and my “ahhh-haa” moments

    • I like it when I run into a stumbling block and there is already a good discussion on IEOC

    • Much thanks to Routing and Switching (networking)...

    ◦ I lived in London for two years

    ◦ I lived in Stockholm for two years

    ◦ I met my wife in Chile

    ◦ I have travelled to over 25 countries from Egypt to Indonesia

    ◦ I have over 1 Million Airplane miles flown

    • I have an immense respect for anyone that has put in the time to become a CCIE in any track; it demonstrates a commitment that only after my pursuit I can appreciate.

    • My Top 10 favorite cities: Madrid/Rome/London/Santiago, Chile/Rio de Janeiro/Santa Barbara/Miami/Lima/Cancun/Mexico City D.F

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