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    21 May 10

    NEW INE Product: CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Bootcamp - “Deep Dive”

    Posted byMark Snow

    INE knows Voice. As the only CCIE vendor on the market employing 4 CCIE Voice Instructors, we are constantly trying to pool our collective brain-trust to find a better way to communicate what we know to you, to help you achieve your goals in passing this rigorous practical exam. We've all been mulling over for some time now the best possible way to get this information from our heads, to yours. We gave the idea a go where each of us would perform a vulcan mind-meld with the student, however there are still a few roadblocks in the way of us being able to achieve success with this method. The biggest issue we kept running into was that once Petr would step into the room and begin his knowledge transfer, the candidate's brain would often overheat and we ended up taking a few too many to the hospital to have their brains cooled down with liquid nitrogen. Needless to say - we haven't quite worked out all of the technical glitches out of our method just yet.

    So instead the idea was collectively reached that we should instead develop a brand new product that allows us to perform a sort of "Deep Dive" with each candidate. The concept of this "deep-dive" method goes far beyond what most candidates expect and subsequently receive when purchasing some fashion of Self-Paced On-Demand or Classroom Bootcamp style training. Instead we take one subject, whatever that subject may be for the day, and we vet it fully. To that end I mean that we don't stop collectively learning until the concept is grasped fully by all candidates.

    The format of each class module will be focused around roughly a 4-5 hour window of instruction per topic, however some topics will inevitably go longer. If a topic spans more than the time allotted in a single day's module, then and there another day to complete the materials will dynamically be scheduled, and any attending students will automatically be added to the continued new module.

    The specific breakdown for each module will look like this:

    • I will lead the discussion for each and every class module
    • We will collectively discuss and fully understand all concepts involved in the technology topic for a given day
    • We will then define a very specific set of  Tasks to be accomplished
    • We will whiteboard the Tasks, notes about them, and how they will be logically implemented*
    • We will then demonstrate with live, hands-on interaction, how the concepts are implemented and properly configured
    • We will test the configuration thoroughly
    • While testing, I will vary the configuration so that we all can see how different permutations effect the outcome
    • We will Debug and Trace the working configuration to understand what we 'should be seeing'
    • We will then break the configuration and Troubleshoot with more Debugs and Traces to contrast from the working set

    *Each whiteboard sketching will available for download after each module as separate JPG or PDF documents

    Engaging students for 4-5 hours per day on a single technology topic allows us to cover that technology in much more depth than could ever be accomplished in a normal classroom setting, where an instructor typically has to get through all of the technologies covered by the CCIE Lab in 4-5 days. Also by not deviating from a single topic from day-to-day, allows the student to truly focus-in on the single technology topic of the day, and truly master it. This also gives students the ability to span their education out over multiple days and weeks and still accomplish normal business demands that are, of course, inevitable.

    Every module will be recorded, which will give the attending students the ability to revisit any topic at any time, or even to miss the occasional class day if need be, without being left behind when attending future classes. Each module once recorded, will also available for individual purchase as well, giving students the ability to 'brush-up' on a few technologies, without having to commit to purchasing the entire series.

    The schedule for these Deep Dive's can be found by clicking here. And what's better is that each class module can be purchased individually. If you think you only need to brush up or possibly "go deeper" into a single subject? Just sign up for that one day. More on pricing can be found by clicking here.

    Many more modules and weeks are being added to the schedule early next week, don't think for a minute that this is it. As mentioned, there won't be a single stone or topic left unturned. Once we finish covering all of the topics that can possibly be tested on for the practical exam environment, we will continue on with practical "real-world" scenario topics in Unified Communications that aren't covered by the lab blueprint, and then continue on with "real-world" design modules.

    Hope to see you in a class soon!

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