How is Your QoS Core Know ...
    20 April 10

    How is Your QoS Core Knowledge?

    Posted byINE

    Fans of the wildly popular CCIE Written Bootcamp need to check out Practice Exam 2 which has been updated with some more thought-provoking Quality of Service (QoS) questions that will help with the CCIE R&S Written as well as the Lab exam.

    For some fun for all, try this question on for size:

    Match the QoS marking with the correct definition:

    QoS Marking

    1. DSCP EF

    2. DSCP 20

    3. IP PREC 5

    4. DE

    5. CLP

    6. EXP BITS


    a. ATM

    b.Diff Serv VoIP

    c. Frame Relay

    d. MPLS

    e.Legacy VoIP Marking

    f. Assured Forwarding 22 

    The answer is posted in the comments. Enjoy.

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