Understanding STP and RST ...
    05 April 10

    Understanding STP and RSTP Convergence

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    For some time, I believed a companion post to Understanding MSTP is required in order to completely cover all aspects of MSTP. The post should discuss convergence mechanisms employed in RSTP, which is a part of MSTP implementation. When I started that blog post originally, it appeared that it would be beneficial covering STP convergence mechanics beforehand. Word by word, the tutorial evolved into a document over 30 pages of size. In addition to this fact, many readers have been asking for PDF versions of my blog posts, and so I finally decided to make the new one entirely in PDF. You may find the link below:


    The blos post discusses many aspects affecting STP and RSTP convergence processes and outlines some problems found in RSTP. Unlike many previous post, this one is entirely theoretical, and does not feature any hands-on configuration sections. However, I believe it is still helpful in closing some gaps of fundamental Layer 2 protocol understanding. Have fun reading!

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