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    18 February 10

    Yet Another R&S Version 4.0 Success!

    Posted byINE

    We hope you enjoy (and can benefit) from this post at the IEOC! Peter, you are awesome - and we noticed you are already asking for advice from your peers about the Service Provider!

    * First and foremost, I would like to thank God, my girlfiend, and my parents for their endless support.  I absolutely could not have done it without them. *

    The day is finally here!  I passed the R&S v4.0 lab yesterday in San Jose, California.  I know other people have mentioned this but it certainly is the greatest feeling in the world!  Thank you INE team for all of your training materials.  INE is clearly THE BEST in the business.  After a well deserved break from studying, I will be back here to begin training for the SP track.  Just in case anyone is curious, I used the following products:

    Here is some advice that I would like to share with candidates that are studying and/or scheduled to take the CCIE R&S exam:

    • Dedicate hours to studying on a consistent basis but, make sure you have time to relax your mind.  I studied for about 6 - 8 hrs a day on the weekdays and took weekends off.
    • If you have to fly to your test location, arrive TWO days early!  I cannot stress how much easier it is on you to have that extra full day to get acclimated to the city.
    • Take a test drive (if possible) to the test location ahead of time so you don't have to spend the morning of the test looking up directions.
    • This might not be for everyone but I chose not to study at all the weekend before my test (my test was scheduled on a Monday).  This allowed my mind to recuperate from all of the hard studying I did leading up to the weekend!
    • My absolute best advice: Take someone with you on your tip to the lab.  A significant other, friend, family member, whoever!  Being able to share this experience with someone is something I will always treasure.  Not to mention the fact that their company alone should be able to reduce the amount of stress you're bound to be under.

    I wish all of the CCIE candidates the best of luck.  I hope one day you will also be able to look with great pride at the long list of CCIEs on this website and see your name listed.

    Peter Lee
    CCIE #25935

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