New Product Announcements ...
    30 December 09

    New Product Announcements!

    Posted byPetr Lapukhov

    Hello Everyone!

    We are thrilled to announce our new self-paced product offerings that include CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional), CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Associate) , and CCNA Voice online classes and videos-on-demand. The new products are designed for those of you pursuing your Professional and Associate level Cisco certifications and looking for complete end-to-end solutions. Developed from the ground up by our industry-recognized multi-CCIE instructors, the new products use our tried and true hands-on learning approach, where in-depth theory lectures are combined with intense practical configuration examples. This unique method of delivery allows you to understand advanced networking technologies and their work in real-world design scenarios, as well as troubleshooting processes. All products are delivered as either online classes or on-demand videos. Every student enrolling into a live class receives the unique chance of interacting with his colleagues and expert instructors and, of course, these live class students receive on-demand class video recordings free of charge.

    Please note that in addition to buying just a single product, you have the option of purchasing various product packages. By purchasing any of the value-added packages, you receive an end-to-end solution covering multiple certification tracks. For example, you might purchase CCNA and CCNA Voice, or CCNA and CCVP, or other such packages up to our CCIE Video Training. For detailed information on every product and associated packages, please consult the links below:

    CCNA Voice Video Training
    CCNA Security Video Training
    CCSP Video Training

    Keep in mind that the new products are an addition to our existing and highly acclaimed line of Professional and Associate level training offering that include the following:

    CCNA Video Training
    CCNP Video Training
    CCVP Video Training

    Feel free to email our sales team at or call us at 877-224-8987 to discuss any other options or custom packages that you might want to purchase. Above all, as always, thank you for choosing Internetwork Expert (INE)!

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